Stories To Be Told

Stories To Be Told

The Universe Is Made Of Stories, Tell Us Yours

Wherever we go, stories are happening all around us. As filmmakers, we have the power to capture those stories and craft them into something special.

What is 'Stories To Be Told'? It is a documentary film project created by Cineverse which gives individuals the opportunity to express their unique story, project, or mission through our cinematic world. A great documentary film is one that pulls you into its story, especially to the point that you find yourself emotionally caught up in the fate of the characters, subject, and atmosphere around it.

Creating A Story To Be Told

Developing An Idea

All films, all works of art for that matter, start in the same place: with an idea, and from an idea comes people, place, purpose, and plot.

Purpose & Message

Good documentaries always have a purpose & message. What is the purpose of your story? What will your audience learn from your story?

Filming & Production

The biggest step in documentary story telling. What, when, where, and how will this story be filmed?

f you understand our process, we'd love to hear your story.